sabato 6 agosto 2011

Fly away.

apri le finestre
Photo taken while we were traveling by bus towards France. Lovely.
yum 2
i libri rendono il tuo cervello bellissimo

some random pics, i'm spending a lot of time with my grandparents came here in Italy to visit us.
beach, shopping etc
i'm always busy, and can't find time for some outfit photos. I have only a few followers (actually one), so i'm taking it easy.
I'm reading a lot in these days: Shakespeare, Nabokov, Baudelaire, Goldoni, Voltaire, Gogol are only a few.
I'm also eating blueberries, raspeberries like i never did before, it's kinda strange.
This summer i didn't go anythere and i'd really like to escape, to fly away from this routine.
I love traveling, going to places where nobody knows you, it makes me feel free.
aaaaah, summer in the city, never again!

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